Thursday, September 1, 2011

self portrait

Do you ever feel like life is so crazy you have a chicken dancing on your head? The last two weeks have been a blur of vacations, birthday parties, back to school shopping and cleaning! One of my moments of sanity I painted this quirky picture to lighten up my mood. I found some great papers that had all these collaged pieces together I just had to use it. I am a little intimadated with  painting people but I liked this one. Okay I do not have pony tails but the blue eyes work! Anyone else having a crazy life?


  1. This is great - so much fun! I enlarged it to see all of your fabulous textures and colors! I think you've done a wonderful job with this portrait :)


    p.s. Yep, things have definitely been crazy around here too :)

  2. definitely have those days too!
    this is such a great self portrait.
    xo sandra


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