Thursday, August 9, 2012

beautiful color in nature.......

We went to San francisco last week and while at the aquarium we saw jelly fish that were so beautiful in color and shape I had to take several photos of them. Of course we did many touristy things but found an apartment by Golden gate park to live like a local, it was great! We walked  and walked all over the city and ate myself sick with yummy food. My favorite things we saw and did were the academy of sciences-very cool planetarium and butterfly santuary, the exploratorium(don't go if you don't like children) wonderful scientific experiments you can try, the redwoods in Muir woods outside of San fran-I better say the Giants game my husband had to see-they did win so that was fun too. Of course I LOVE all the architecture of the victorian houses. I could have spent my entire time walking each neighborhood and taking pics of my favorite house. I have an obsession for houses!!
We found Alamo square and took our photo of the famous row of victorians there. There are some amazing streets to browse through like a native instead of downtown which is packed.
Most important why you go to San fran is the food-we did not go to 5 star places but good food for a decent price-schroeders german food-HUGE portions and so good, hard knox cafe-great fried chicken mac and cheese and corn muffins like cake!!!! We also had great japanese ramen off Geary and 4th-cheap for all they gave you....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cloth paper scissors challenge

Well I summed up the courage to enter a challenge from cloth paper scissors on felted wonders and I was not chosen as a finalist. I am disappointed but I am not going to give up. I heard somewhere that if you never try you can't ever win so try, try, try again!!! I really enjoyed the process of making this.
It took Many hours with many different components-needle felted tree top background to the watercolor paper edge of the journal cover sewn on and all the hand sewn bits and pieces. I love my little owl with his earring jewlery bit for his wing to the cardboard tree trunk. So NEVER give up you may be closer than you think to success!

Friday, July 13, 2012

paint party friday

Wow it has been over a month since I posted! Summer got me  by surprise. It has bee so HOT
and dry here with many fires around the state that it is not fun outdoors right now. Today there are suppose to be some rain storms-yeah! I can't believe I am cheering for rain after living in Washington state for 14 years of non stop rain and cloudy weather.
So back to my deliquent attendance to my blog-friends visiting, reading some great books, went away for a couple of days, house hunting for my married daughter and husband..........the garden....but I am back for a bit working on journal pages on watercolor paper 140 lb cold press which turned out better than I could imagine. I used acrylics, inks, stencils, washes and sealer to protect some of the designs having used some non permanent sprays-I almost had a whole page wiped out trying to spray on top of my stencils work I had done! I am planning to set up shop and sell these OAK original sheets for others to use on their artistic journey-they are double sided and took over a week to work each step.
I am excited to move forward with a plan and continue my journey. Thank you for visiting and just email me if you are interested in some of these pages! ( 10x 14  $20 each) Happy PPF!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

paint party friday

I am still working on my journal pages and really like how the use of fabrics and paper on the watercolors. As you might have guessed I have WAY too many trims, fabrics, papers, yarns etc. so I must use them all in my journals!
This was a new twist for me using manilla folders and folding them in an accordian, sewing on fused wools, papers, yes a color catcher sheet I painted and doodled on.
I fell in love with my cards using my photos and printing them on muslim so I had to put one in my journal page.
This is another journal fabric, painted cover which I will use with this collection, little fairies from lisa's altered art digital on etsy, my flower-trees and some fun recyled plastics. Exploring all these techniques have been amazing and FUN!! Give it a try. thank you for visiting, happy PPF!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

paint party friday......journals.......

I started on journal covers awhile ago and have been at a standstill what to put inside. After
I played around with watercolor papers and textures I think I have found something!
Journals have always been in my life, though slightly boring written ones, now I will work on
colorful, illustrated no rules ones. I have some other ideas going on and will let you know how they go.
I am very sentimental and keep every ticket from shows and plays and occasions so I know that
somehow I need them inside too. My little owl is from wool, metals bits and melted plastic and embellised wings. I painted on the linen, sewed leaves from paper and wool added fancy yarn for the tree and a leftover trim as the trunk. Doodling on it a bit too. My saying on this "out on a limb" is
part of me right now trying, exploring and testing the waters.

 My journal pages turned out great! One side  you saw already with the greens and deep pinks. The other side I wanted pinks and browns and orange. I sprinkled white acrylic ink on top for contrast.
Thank you for stopping by-happy PPF

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paint party friday-step 3

The finished product of my mothers day card to my mom-I know I can post this and not worry, she never looks on my blog. The "paint" part is the flower that has been ink dyed and painted on a color catcher sheet from the washer. The first and second steps are on my previous blog this week, step by step if you are interested to learn how! All those big bags of scraps come in handy for this one. I was ready to throw them out! I wanted to do something personal and special with a photo of me in the classic 70's-this sure fits the bills, velvet sofa, me dressed as a harem girl-fun times. Here are more of my cards below. Have a great mothers day!!! Happy PPF !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage photo project

As I promised, I will show you how to make an amazing photo card for your special mom. My supplies are: tea dyed muslin, soft cotton batting, old photos copied in black and white four to a page. scrapbook paper, old sheet from a book,kraft card stock sheets 8x11, buttons, scraps of fabric, glue, sewing machine with dark colored thread, inkjet printer and of course freezer paper. Using your iron on a medium heat and no steam or water you will iron on the muslin to the shiny side of the freezer paper. I cut my into 8x11 sheets to fit in my copier and trimmed off the edges. You are suppose to use a cloth in between the muslin and and iron but it took FOREVER to iron that way so I just had extra muslim past the paper to iron it out and not get any adhesive on my iron. Once it is firmly stuck on  just trim off the edges and use tape if you feel it will peel off or catch through your printer. I was okay without it. I used our old inkjet and shrunk down the pics so that I had a border around to rip the fabric on the edges for a nice old effect. It is very addicting and you will want to make many sets of pages to copy lots of pictures! This bottom pic is of me around 8-I look like a boy! I will do step 2 tomorrow!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

the good old days..........

I just had to share this with everyone. This was a birthday gift to a dear sister in law that gives so much to everyone in the family. We had a great photo of her and the brothers that looked just like our gang from the the forties? I printed it on tea stained muslin using freezer paper(my new favorite thing) and ran it through my ink jet printer. I wanted it as a wall hanging without a frame so I wrapped a branch with wire and seam binding tape to hang it up and sewed the muslin to burlap and a layer of cotton batting. I used stamps, trims, buttons and papers that were very imperfectly sewn all over. This was hard to give away! I think that is a sign of knowing that if you love it you must share it. I will be posting a how to for making a similar mothers day card like this. Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wool rug spring flowers

I have another passion when I am patient and my hands can handle it-wool rug hooking. Since allergies are killing me right now I dare not enjoy my pretty tulips or crocuses. This is about 12 by 24 inches and took 10 plus hours to hook? I am not sure how to finish it off- a pillow perhaps or just a rug....hmmmm. so many decisions! I like the imperfectness of rug hooking and the color variations with overdyed wools.What do you suggest? thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 20, 2012

paint party fridays............

Week two for me on paint party fridays.I must say this can be addicting! The challenge of coming up with a picture each week and pushing yourself to create-this is great!Deadlines are good for the procrastinator-hmmmm is that me? Sometimes I would say. This is my chipboard journal I have played around with for awhile. I love the colors aqua, brown and red together. My fibers are from the 100 or so yarns I have collected-yes that can be an addiction too!!!I have this need to find unsual and beautiful fibers for bows on presents, my journals, jewelry and anything else I use them for.On this book I have bias tape, old vintage lace,paper tapes, old buttons and of course my other habit of many kinds of papers. My favorite doodles are birds, flowers and trees. Thanks for stopping by-please come again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My journey-piant party friday!

I used a fabric paint pen to write the word journey and let it dry then peeled it off. I was hoping it would go back to the original white of the paper but instead frayed the edges. I then washed a color over it giving it a bleeding effect. Okay so it may look like Jonny too, but I do like it now. Word of advice: use canvas instead of watercolor paper if you want to peel back color! ( tape probably would be okay)
 It has been an interesting year to say the least! I have learned a lot in techniques, painting, writing and blogging and of course picture taking-still a work in progress. My new goal is to join in some art challenges online and be more of a participant and not just a viewer. I tend to hold back and be shy.
So if I can link in to Paint party fridays this will be my work to show! Any tips from you out there would be greatly appreciated. This is my second work from the free journaling class from strathmore online. One of my stencils was a plastic sink liner for dishes-the small squares you see. It was great fun to spray and splash around color however I wanted. I like flowers so of course that is what formed my shapes. I have linked in with artists in blogland see button on right side to check out new stuff from many fun artists.

Friday, April 6, 2012

eye sore....

Down the street from my house is a leftover farm lot that has interesting remnants of their past. These rusty cans peaked my interest for a photo. Just last week they were removed and I was glad I took my picture! The colors on the cans I really liked-the turquoise, blues and of course the rust. I would love that interest on my paintings. Literally a few steps down is a picture perfect barn and corral that many people take family photos in front of. I know these were an eye sore but the artist in me secretly liked them!

Friday, March 30, 2012

spring is here

My latest painting from Flora Bowley's class. I feel amazed and in awe of what I accomplished. It makes we wonder how much I have been holding back on my abilities and lack of confidence!The colors just glow and pop off the painting which I LOVE to see, the subtle images of birds around the nest, the undercurrent of colors and layers--SO COOL. Maybe I will be a grandma Moses in my twilight years painting much more than I can imagine right now. Hello! I am an ARTIST!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

the swan emerging...

6 more days until the big wedding and I am painting in the bathtub!!! I decided to go BOLD
and did whatever felt good-listened to relaxing music and had a blast!! You must visit Flora Bowley's sight and see her article in the latest cloth, paper, scissors.......awesome!!

floras paint class continued

well it has been a lot of fun letting go and painting whatever I want but there were a few times I really thought this is ugly!I was sure I ruined it in this stage.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

be creative

I am taking a couple days off from the normal hectic pace of life to slow down and notice what is around me. My daughter is getting married in twelve days and it has been a whirlwind of lists, errands to run and every day chores to still get too. It is an exciting time for me. She is my oldest and I am excited for her and her new adventure in marraige. They are so perfect for each other I couldn't have picked a better guy for her!
So back to relaxation. We took off for the nearby mountains of beautiful Park City and I am reading, sleeping and doing Yoga to de -stress. I also brought my sketch book to doodle in. The sun is outside just rising up from the mountains, my favorite scene in the morning. Sunshine makes me happy. I can't think of a better medicine to get in a great mood. As I take Flora's class I realize how unrelaxed I have become. It is hard to go and play, to sleep at night like I used too and just take it easy!
I know that is why I love to draw and paint as much as I do-it is like an alter personality for me to be whimsical, fun, colorful, vibrant and no boundaries. I LOVE it. I am usually a very organised, planned out kind of person but in my creative process I throw that all out and try to let go.
Am I the only split personality out there?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

flora bowley class

I am taking a very cool class with Flora Bowley from Portland Oregon online. We are learning to free up ourselves and let go-it has been a blast so far. The canvases are huge (scary) and there are no rules.(I like that) We are working in many layers beginning with drops, splashes and drips in warm and then adding cool colors on top. I put a heart in it especially for valentines day-today! It is HARD to let your mind go and have fun. Remember kindergarten and finger paints?

Monday, February 6, 2012


I found a great shop on etsy called ephemeras vintage garden by debbie anne parent that does the best ATCS and tags etc for your own use. This image is an ATC that I added to my textured and painted board then stressed in around the edges even more and added a twig with floss and wire on to the picture. I then dyed (sprayed with a bottle ink dye) on the vintage lace I had and glued on the piece too.The lettering is done with rub ons-LOVE those! Everyone that sees this loves it. She also has the link on my blog called artsy chick. Thanks Debbie!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about what I tell myself I can and can't do in my life. I was busy raising children, I was busy volunteering at my school and church, I was busy taking care of the yard, the house, the dog and so on.......I was too busy to take some time for my dreams and aspirations. I told myself that I had other things that made a bigger difference than me taking a class or studying a new skill. I felt myself going through motions each day not looking forward to something.
I realized that ATTITUDE was a huge part of my problem. I wanted a balance in my life to fit everything in  and be content and happy each day. I read this quote today and found it so profound for me:
 "Attitude, to me is more important than the past......than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. I t will make or break a company, a church, a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day." by Charles Swindoll

I realize that all those small details in life were adding up to my discontentment. I want to show my girls how to be happy when you had only 4 hours of sleep or had to go on a field trip with 120 4th graders for 6 hours in the pouring rain or sewing up halloween costumes the day of halloween. I want to embrace my life, my circumstances and show joy each day and gratitude for where I live and the free time I do have to do what I love. When I share my abilities to others it feels so good! I know I can't spend 24 hours a day creating art but I can find an hour here and there and that is okay.
Try, try, try......

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why am I an artist?

I love this quote I came across today:
"an artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture."
Jean Cocteau
For me it is hard to explain why I find so much joy getting my hands stained with inks, paints and dyes.
why do I love having messes in my bedroom with unfinished projects that drive my husband crazy?
I love the process, I love the experiments and the unending possibilities of creations!
I have been taking a wonderful course by Stephanie Lee, a download learning her techniques of metal smithing. This is an artist I admire very much! She is so open and sharing and NICE to help us out on our journey. Thank you Stephanie!!