Thursday, June 13, 2013

fly journal continued

I have been working on the inside of my covers with pockets and tags-bought from nectarscreations on etsy-a really great steampunk journal collection. I used printed tissue paper from michaels to glue down then added on top. The heart( Shari made for me at Primology on etsy) I filled with resin and added the coiled wire on top, inside is a stamped fly on muslin.The other bezel with the key is for my dear friend, she made it and I filled it with resin for her. Oh yes I sewed mica sheets on the top of my tags-love the look! My trim is a vintage wedding trim that was never used from a dear neighbor that passed away a few years ago and had a fabric shop. Most of my buttons and trims are from her stash. I hope I am honoring her with my projects. She was one of the first people to say hello to me when I moved here as a very young and SHY newcomber. She had a HUGE family book with stunning pictures from 100 years ago or more and man did I want a copy of that!!!
Happy PPF this week! So much talent there.