Monday, November 18, 2013

wonderland journal

My Alice in wonderland journal that will be hard to part with! One of my dear friends has her birthday and I hope she will enjoy this. Inside are doubled pages which hold pockets for all the STUFF you have to put in it. Dreamzetc designed all the papers and I just sewed, glued,waxed and embellished the rest.

The tags are so cute with bits of mica sewn on and dyed trims and seambinding tied on.

I love the mix of shabby chic and the story illustrations....

The back cover I left plain and just waxed with encaustics. I will be offering custom made to order journals for wedding books, birthdays and family books. I will have steampunk, pride and prejudice and alice so far.
It reminds me of the good old days! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open for business!

 I have wanted to open and etsy shop forever and found something I had to share with all those mixed media fans! Beautiful woven and dyed bark amate papers from Mexico handmade and scrumptous! I want to help others in business plus use awesome items in my work. If you like to know more to visit:etsy store
I plan to add more things like prints of my art( darling owls and house) and really cool fibers.
Have a beautiful day creating!

Friday, August 16, 2013

book all finished....maybe?

Here it is! all wrapped up in wire, buttons, mica bits and torn fabrics. I am very proud to have finished it. I thought I would give up...I swore this wouldn't go in the pile in the corner that I have with forgotton projects. The large button was cast and stained and painted made from clay. I hope you like. Thank you for watching it unfold. Happy PPF !!!

My simple plaster painting for this week........washes of teal on plaster then engraved with a pencil..thinking what else to do............

Our little rascal maisy that is a year old. My daughter desperately wanted a puppy of her own. If she wasnt so cute I would have give her away....maybe? 

Melted plastic bags splashed with paints. Turned out very interesting. Kind of fun to explore and not plan.
Very hard for me not to plan out every detail!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Almost done!!! Fly journal

I bet some of you think I gave up and forgot to post the rest of my journal! I just had a lot going on ...summer vacation in beautiful Yellowstone.........making other journals for friends and family birthdays......going to Art festivals...Jackson Hole very cool! Besides it being one of the hottest summers here in a LONG time I am staying indoors. My ideal temp is 75 farenhiet. We get about ten of those here. Enough of that. I love my pages and cover, I sewed on mica over some of the photos that I copied on fabric. I have been practicing encaustic wax with a mini iron and used it on my "plain page without pics" It really enriches the plaster sheet and color below.

 My cover!
 I think this took ten hours to do! By the time you etch metal, set up apoxie clay, stamp, color washes, wax sealer, then the metal heart, I cheated and asked Shari to make me one! I did cast the head in clay and paint that also. Resin was poured inside the heart to seal it all up. I am still deciding how to bind it up, with wire or waxed or???//? Thank you for visiting, hope your summer has been great!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

fly journal continued

I have been working on the inside of my covers with pockets and tags-bought from nectarscreations on etsy-a really great steampunk journal collection. I used printed tissue paper from michaels to glue down then added on top. The heart( Shari made for me at Primology on etsy) I filled with resin and added the coiled wire on top, inside is a stamped fly on muslin.The other bezel with the key is for my dear friend, she made it and I filled it with resin for her. Oh yes I sewed mica sheets on the top of my tags-love the look! My trim is a vintage wedding trim that was never used from a dear neighbor that passed away a few years ago and had a fabric shop. Most of my buttons and trims are from her stash. I hope I am honoring her with my projects. She was one of the first people to say hello to me when I moved here as a very young and SHY newcomber. She had a HUGE family book with stunning pictures from 100 years ago or more and man did I want a copy of that!!!
Happy PPF this week! So much talent there.

Friday, May 31, 2013

fly journal -happy PPF

week 5 and we are doing the details-so much fun! I have plaster pages with stamps and color washes, a cast tin heart ( I got from shari) and my clay cast pieces now stained and colored. We also learned how to texture metals with stuff around the house-very cool!! If you are like me it is exciting to use all those techniques you have learned over the years in a project. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

journal pages continued

These three pages I just finished  for my journal project with Shari Replogle. We used stained muslin over 140 lb watercolor paper glued with matte medium then added our fabrics, trims and family momentos. I could do this all day! I copied onto freezer paper black and white family photos to give a vintage feel also. That is me in the middle with my aunt. I also made cast clay buttons, do dads etc to add later. There is something about putting together cherished family items..........

I had to show you my daughters project we just finished also for her 3d art project at school. We used a memory tray from hobby lobby, sanded and painted over the black with cream then  added aqua to get our shabby chic feel. We then used several papers to put in each section. As you can tell we have lots of things on hand and just put in what looked tube with glitter, lettering, pics in black and white, jewelry, spoon, sewn heart, buttons.......I liked it so much I made one for myself too!
Happy PPF! Really great ideas out there.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


My sweet little book is in the new
Cloth Paper Scissors May and June issue!!! I was a finalist in the make mine mini contest but was not sure if I would make the cut to be in the magazine. You can find it on page 79. I soldered the metal cover and placed a bezel with plaster inside and dried flowers. Inside I used plaster sheets and pressed flowers. The edges are vintage lace. The spine of the mini book is a twig and two bird nests..........all under 4 inches! I wrapped a key with sari silk and yarns to close it and had a bit of an old doilie( is that how its spelled?) on the front also. I learned all this fun stuff by Stephanie Lee's workshop. I did paint washes of color on the pages also for a bit of blue..........Next goal, get an article done!!! 

 dried forget me nots from the garden

 Happy PPF!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

my sweet little book #2

My mini metal book inspired by nature was a finalist for cloth paper scissors magazine. I am crossing my fingers that it will be published. It measures 2x3 inches and is soldered with a plaster and resin bezel and flowers from my garden. I miss this book already-I had to send it in for consideration...........Oh the waiting!
I took a class from Stephanie Lee to learn how to make these type of books-highly recommend it.

The spine has a bit of twigs and wee little nest with an egg wrapped in wire.

Inside I used a mixed media paper and troweled on a bit of plaster then color washes to age it. My own dried and pressed flowers included. The edges were laid on the wet plaster ( old lace). I think I am hooked on these! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

little things

Here is my latest project that I LOVE love love. I made this for the make mine mini challenge on Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and will find out Thursday if I am selected.( crossing my fingers)
This sweet tiny mini sewing needle book is 2 by 3 inches and packed with goodies: torn and coated papers, sewn scraps of fabrics, trims and labels and of course needles carved out of bone I found. I added an antique crystal on the front and wired wrapped old buttons on the side to hold it all together.
I put small tabs to label  some of the pages and have a darling red velvet ribbon to close it up.

I hope this inspires you to make something mini-My friends can tell you that I am a sucker for small items.......buttons, books, stuffed animals, you name I want it! Tell me what you think!Thanks for dropping by.Happy PPF to all those visiting!!