Friday, August 16, 2013

book all finished....maybe?

Here it is! all wrapped up in wire, buttons, mica bits and torn fabrics. I am very proud to have finished it. I thought I would give up...I swore this wouldn't go in the pile in the corner that I have with forgotton projects. The large button was cast and stained and painted made from clay. I hope you like. Thank you for watching it unfold. Happy PPF !!!

My simple plaster painting for this week........washes of teal on plaster then engraved with a pencil..thinking what else to do............

Our little rascal maisy that is a year old. My daughter desperately wanted a puppy of her own. If she wasnt so cute I would have give her away....maybe? 

Melted plastic bags splashed with paints. Turned out very interesting. Kind of fun to explore and not plan.
Very hard for me not to plan out every detail!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Almost done!!! Fly journal

I bet some of you think I gave up and forgot to post the rest of my journal! I just had a lot going on ...summer vacation in beautiful Yellowstone.........making other journals for friends and family birthdays......going to Art festivals...Jackson Hole very cool! Besides it being one of the hottest summers here in a LONG time I am staying indoors. My ideal temp is 75 farenhiet. We get about ten of those here. Enough of that. I love my pages and cover, I sewed on mica over some of the photos that I copied on fabric. I have been practicing encaustic wax with a mini iron and used it on my "plain page without pics" It really enriches the plaster sheet and color below.

 My cover!
 I think this took ten hours to do! By the time you etch metal, set up apoxie clay, stamp, color washes, wax sealer, then the metal heart, I cheated and asked Shari to make me one! I did cast the head in clay and paint that also. Resin was poured inside the heart to seal it all up. I am still deciding how to bind it up, with wire or waxed or???//? Thank you for visiting, hope your summer has been great!!