Wednesday, July 16, 2014

apron art

After being contacted by an editor at Sew Somerset to submit some ideas I came up with this.
I love to sew and paint and twist metal so I combined a lot of elements into this. I printed on mixed media paper ( a mix between fabric and canvas paper) through my inkjet and it worked! The straps is an old ledger graphic freebie, an old spindle naturally worn and aged, a shadow box, cute pic of my girls, embossed mica, bits of fabrics, metal, lace, paint and sewing. I really hope this catches their eye for a publication! I can hardly wait to hang on my kitchen wall.

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Paper!

After a LONG break from writing in my blog I am back. I had trouble getting signed in-sigh-then changing passwords-ugh, oh how I wish life wasn't so complicated! I have been working on my etsy shop and adding custom woven amate papers from Mexico. Carlos tells me that the family has six children to support and what they do is closely guarded secret to make these awesome papers.
So I had them make special color combinations just for me and my fans.I am working on different ideas to use them in my art and will load up pics as I go. I know I love the texture and depth they add to my work-what is really nice is that they are surprisingly lightweight and sewable!
Blessings to all those creating!