Thursday, April 25, 2013


My sweet little book is in the new
Cloth Paper Scissors May and June issue!!! I was a finalist in the make mine mini contest but was not sure if I would make the cut to be in the magazine. You can find it on page 79. I soldered the metal cover and placed a bezel with plaster inside and dried flowers. Inside I used plaster sheets and pressed flowers. The edges are vintage lace. The spine of the mini book is a twig and two bird nests..........all under 4 inches! I wrapped a key with sari silk and yarns to close it and had a bit of an old doilie( is that how its spelled?) on the front also. I learned all this fun stuff by Stephanie Lee's workshop. I did paint washes of color on the pages also for a bit of blue..........Next goal, get an article done!!! 

 dried forget me nots from the garden

 Happy PPF!!!