Tuesday, December 1, 2015

december edition SEW somerest Published

Its official. I am published in one of my favorite magazines. Wahoo! On page 104 I have a four page spread and article. So excited. It only took 18 months-haha. I must press onward and continue to create and share. I am working on several ideas, one with more aprons that you hang on the wall.
I have an instagram link you may follow my progress. Blessings to all this holiday with good health, charity and kindness to all we meet. Thank you for visiting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

apron art

After being contacted by an editor at Sew Somerset to submit some ideas I came up with this.
I love to sew and paint and twist metal so I combined a lot of elements into this. I printed on mixed media paper ( a mix between fabric and canvas paper) through my inkjet and it worked! The straps is an old ledger graphic freebie, an old spindle naturally worn and aged, a shadow box, cute pic of my girls, embossed mica, bits of fabrics, metal, lace, paint and sewing. I really hope this catches their eye for a publication! I can hardly wait to hang on my kitchen wall.

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Paper!

After a LONG break from writing in my blog I am back. I had trouble getting signed in-sigh-then changing passwords-ugh, oh how I wish life wasn't so complicated! I have been working on my etsy shop and adding custom woven amate papers from Mexico. Carlos tells me that the family has six children to support and what they do is closely guarded secret to make these awesome papers.
So I had them make special color combinations just for me and my fans.I am working on different ideas to use them in my art and will load up pics as I go. I know I love the texture and depth they add to my work-what is really nice is that they are surprisingly lightweight and sewable!
Blessings to all those creating!

Monday, November 18, 2013

wonderland journal

My Alice in wonderland journal that will be hard to part with! One of my dear friends has her birthday and I hope she will enjoy this. Inside are doubled pages which hold pockets for all the STUFF you have to put in it. Dreamzetc designed all the papers and I just sewed, glued,waxed and embellished the rest.

The tags are so cute with bits of mica sewn on and dyed trims and seambinding tied on.

I love the mix of shabby chic and the story illustrations....

The back cover I left plain and just waxed with encaustics. I will be offering custom made to order journals for wedding books, birthdays and family books. I will have steampunk, pride and prejudice and alice so far.
It reminds me of the good old days! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open for business!

 I have wanted to open and etsy shop forever and found something I had to share with all those mixed media fans! Beautiful woven and dyed bark amate papers from Mexico handmade and scrumptous! I want to help others in business plus use awesome items in my work. If you like to know more to visit:etsy store
I plan to add more things like prints of my art( darling owls and house) and really cool fibers.
Have a beautiful day creating!

Monday, October 7, 2013

postcard swap

Th big postcard swap is on again at do what you love for life with beth nicholls-this is my version of celebrate. I found out my swap partner in england just got married last week so I am sending a belated wedding card of love. I used a digital page of lace and worn page look then layered laces, trims, waxed painted papers, soft cotton and a piece of string for tying the knot. Best wishes to Mel and her new life!
postcard swap link!

Friday, August 16, 2013

book all finished....maybe?

Here it is! all wrapped up in wire, buttons, mica bits and torn fabrics. I am very proud to have finished it. I thought I would give up...I swore this wouldn't go in the pile in the corner that I have with forgotton projects. The large button was cast and stained and painted made from clay. I hope you like. Thank you for watching it unfold. Happy PPF !!!

My simple plaster painting for this week........washes of teal on plaster then engraved with a pencil..thinking what else to do............

Our little rascal maisy that is a year old. My daughter desperately wanted a puppy of her own. If she wasnt so cute I would have give her away....maybe? 

Melted plastic bags splashed with paints. Turned out very interesting. Kind of fun to explore and not plan.
Very hard for me not to plan out every detail!!