Friday, May 31, 2013

fly journal -happy PPF

week 5 and we are doing the details-so much fun! I have plaster pages with stamps and color washes, a cast tin heart ( I got from shari) and my clay cast pieces now stained and colored. We also learned how to texture metals with stuff around the house-very cool!! If you are like me it is exciting to use all those techniques you have learned over the years in a project. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

journal pages continued

These three pages I just finished  for my journal project with Shari Replogle. We used stained muslin over 140 lb watercolor paper glued with matte medium then added our fabrics, trims and family momentos. I could do this all day! I copied onto freezer paper black and white family photos to give a vintage feel also. That is me in the middle with my aunt. I also made cast clay buttons, do dads etc to add later. There is something about putting together cherished family items..........

I had to show you my daughters project we just finished also for her 3d art project at school. We used a memory tray from hobby lobby, sanded and painted over the black with cream then  added aqua to get our shabby chic feel. We then used several papers to put in each section. As you can tell we have lots of things on hand and just put in what looked tube with glitter, lettering, pics in black and white, jewelry, spoon, sewn heart, buttons.......I liked it so much I made one for myself too!
Happy PPF! Really great ideas out there.