Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis the season

I have been working all summer on christmas items for a charity Christmas tree auction so I have been in the holiday mode for quite awhile. I am now in the Paisley Pomegranate in Park City and am working on more for their new store in Holiday. It is hard to part with original works, they are like part of who I am so I hope that whoever purchases them will treasure them like I do!
I have been inspired by many different people and styles and it has been so FUN trying out new techniques and making them my own. An amazing artist you should check out is Kelly rae Roberts. She has put mixed media on the notice and inspired many of us to try something new and that there are no boundaries! I love so many mediums that it was hard to just pick one so now I do not have too! I love textures, textiles, paints, papers, pastels, inks, can all work together-awesome!
Thank you so much for your interest and keep checking back!