Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am finding so many great and talented artists! I love su Blackwell and her use of books and fairytale themes. I love finding art in such simple things too.

The Book Sculptures of Su Blackwell

Thursday, March 17, 2011

what party?

okay so I had a birthday and I did not want to remember that. Many people did which was very nice.It somehow reminds you that all the stuff you said you would do by a certain age: be a world famous book illustrator, retired and living off of royalties......still look 25......you know! I have mellowed but still want to make my mark. I am trying to just let it happen. happy birthday to me!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


For some reason I am attractied to layers of color and torn bits and pieces when putting together my pictures. I love having many textures and words that seem blend together.These are my latest little pictures I took up to Park City. I really loved the way they turned out. Spring is coming and I can hardly wait! It is my favorite time of the year-minus the allergies. I love the colors, the blossoms, the sun!
I have been working on other projects I will have to show you-rug hooking, jewelry.........journals. So many things and so little time! It is so hard to concetrate on one idea or medium, it just seems so much more interesting to use it all!

more pink

This collection is some of my favorite! I could have hundreds all over my house.
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pink all over

I love pink! I could have it in all my pictures! This is a set of two that i made for Park city and Salt lake city Paisley Pomegranate stores.They have a great mix of fun and whimsical, fresh and new items.
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One of my newest pictures with several washes of color over textured background then torn, scrapbook papers added, more layers of pencils, paint fibers....love the color scheme!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Okay so I am going to try to update my blog more consistently and add pics. I added more originals to Paisley Pomegranate in Park city which kept me busy. They were hard to let go! I also happened upon soldering very darling pendants with relatives of mine in black and white. They caught on at my school and many orders are coming in for mothers day! I can customized them with any photos and add my personal touch on them with beads and very cool fiber necklaces.
Being creative is becoming easier and flowing faster-rug hooking has also started up again. I just can't seem to stop working on a project.
I found an amazing artist with metal on etsy named payton jett-check her items out especially how to etch your copper. I would love to meet and learn from so many!
"May each day be a step closer to your dreams"