Thursday, May 17, 2012

paint party friday......journals.......

I started on journal covers awhile ago and have been at a standstill what to put inside. After
I played around with watercolor papers and textures I think I have found something!
Journals have always been in my life, though slightly boring written ones, now I will work on
colorful, illustrated no rules ones. I have some other ideas going on and will let you know how they go.
I am very sentimental and keep every ticket from shows and plays and occasions so I know that
somehow I need them inside too. My little owl is from wool, metals bits and melted plastic and embellised wings. I painted on the linen, sewed leaves from paper and wool added fancy yarn for the tree and a leftover trim as the trunk. Doodling on it a bit too. My saying on this "out on a limb" is
part of me right now trying, exploring and testing the waters.

 My journal pages turned out great! One side  you saw already with the greens and deep pinks. The other side I wanted pinks and browns and orange. I sprinkled white acrylic ink on top for contrast.
Thank you for stopping by-happy PPF

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Paint party friday-step 3

The finished product of my mothers day card to my mom-I know I can post this and not worry, she never looks on my blog. The "paint" part is the flower that has been ink dyed and painted on a color catcher sheet from the washer. The first and second steps are on my previous blog this week, step by step if you are interested to learn how! All those big bags of scraps come in handy for this one. I was ready to throw them out! I wanted to do something personal and special with a photo of me in the classic 70's-this sure fits the bills, velvet sofa, me dressed as a harem girl-fun times. Here are more of my cards below. Have a great mothers day!!! Happy PPF !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage photo project

As I promised, I will show you how to make an amazing photo card for your special mom. My supplies are: tea dyed muslin, soft cotton batting, old photos copied in black and white four to a page. scrapbook paper, old sheet from a book,kraft card stock sheets 8x11, buttons, scraps of fabric, glue, sewing machine with dark colored thread, inkjet printer and of course freezer paper. Using your iron on a medium heat and no steam or water you will iron on the muslin to the shiny side of the freezer paper. I cut my into 8x11 sheets to fit in my copier and trimmed off the edges. You are suppose to use a cloth in between the muslin and and iron but it took FOREVER to iron that way so I just had extra muslim past the paper to iron it out and not get any adhesive on my iron. Once it is firmly stuck on  just trim off the edges and use tape if you feel it will peel off or catch through your printer. I was okay without it. I used our old inkjet and shrunk down the pics so that I had a border around to rip the fabric on the edges for a nice old effect. It is very addicting and you will want to make many sets of pages to copy lots of pictures! This bottom pic is of me around 8-I look like a boy! I will do step 2 tomorrow!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

the good old days..........

I just had to share this with everyone. This was a birthday gift to a dear sister in law that gives so much to everyone in the family. We had a great photo of her and the brothers that looked just like our gang from the the forties? I printed it on tea stained muslin using freezer paper(my new favorite thing) and ran it through my ink jet printer. I wanted it as a wall hanging without a frame so I wrapped a branch with wire and seam binding tape to hang it up and sewed the muslin to burlap and a layer of cotton batting. I used stamps, trims, buttons and papers that were very imperfectly sewn all over. This was hard to give away! I think that is a sign of knowing that if you love it you must share it. I will be posting a how to for making a similar mothers day card like this. Thanks for visiting!!