Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wool rug spring flowers

I have another passion when I am patient and my hands can handle it-wool rug hooking. Since allergies are killing me right now I dare not enjoy my pretty tulips or crocuses. This is about 12 by 24 inches and took 10 plus hours to hook? I am not sure how to finish it off- a pillow perhaps or just a rug....hmmmm. so many decisions! I like the imperfectness of rug hooking and the color variations with overdyed wools.What do you suggest? thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 20, 2012

paint party fridays............

Week two for me on paint party fridays.I must say this can be addicting! The challenge of coming up with a picture each week and pushing yourself to create-this is great!Deadlines are good for the procrastinator-hmmmm is that me? Sometimes I would say. This is my chipboard journal I have played around with for awhile. I love the colors aqua, brown and red together. My fibers are from the 100 or so yarns I have collected-yes that can be an addiction too!!!I have this need to find unsual and beautiful fibers for bows on presents, my journals, jewelry and anything else I use them for.On this book I have bias tape, old vintage lace,paper tapes, old buttons and of course my other habit of many kinds of papers. My favorite doodles are birds, flowers and trees. Thanks for stopping by-please come again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My journey-piant party friday!

I used a fabric paint pen to write the word journey and let it dry then peeled it off. I was hoping it would go back to the original white of the paper but instead frayed the edges. I then washed a color over it giving it a bleeding effect. Okay so it may look like Jonny too, but I do like it now. Word of advice: use canvas instead of watercolor paper if you want to peel back color! ( tape probably would be okay)
 It has been an interesting year to say the least! I have learned a lot in techniques, painting, writing and blogging and of course picture taking-still a work in progress. My new goal is to join in some art challenges online and be more of a participant and not just a viewer. I tend to hold back and be shy.
So if I can link in to Paint party fridays this will be my work to show! Any tips from you out there would be greatly appreciated. This is my second work from the free journaling class from strathmore online. One of my stencils was a plastic sink liner for dishes-the small squares you see. It was great fun to spray and splash around color however I wanted. I like flowers so of course that is what formed my shapes. I have linked in with artists in blogland see button on right side to check out new stuff from many fun artists.

Friday, April 6, 2012

eye sore....

Down the street from my house is a leftover farm lot that has interesting remnants of their past. These rusty cans peaked my interest for a photo. Just last week they were removed and I was glad I took my picture! The colors on the cans I really liked-the turquoise, blues and of course the rust. I would love that interest on my paintings. Literally a few steps down is a picture perfect barn and corral that many people take family photos in front of. I know these were an eye sore but the artist in me secretly liked them!