Saturday, May 5, 2012

the good old days..........

I just had to share this with everyone. This was a birthday gift to a dear sister in law that gives so much to everyone in the family. We had a great photo of her and the brothers that looked just like our gang from the the forties? I printed it on tea stained muslin using freezer paper(my new favorite thing) and ran it through my ink jet printer. I wanted it as a wall hanging without a frame so I wrapped a branch with wire and seam binding tape to hang it up and sewed the muslin to burlap and a layer of cotton batting. I used stamps, trims, buttons and papers that were very imperfectly sewn all over. This was hard to give away! I think that is a sign of knowing that if you love it you must share it. I will be posting a how to for making a similar mothers day card like this. Thanks for visiting!!


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  2. Thanks for all your great comments!

  3. Your work is so interesting and delicate. I find it very hard to collage, so I admire what you are doing! FOllowing you:-)


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