Friday, March 30, 2012

spring is here

My latest painting from Flora Bowley's class. I feel amazed and in awe of what I accomplished. It makes we wonder how much I have been holding back on my abilities and lack of confidence!The colors just glow and pop off the painting which I LOVE to see, the subtle images of birds around the nest, the undercurrent of colors and layers--SO COOL. Maybe I will be a grandma Moses in my twilight years painting much more than I can imagine right now. Hello! I am an ARTIST!!!


  1. Hello, you definitely are an artist--this is gorgeous! Taking one of her classes is on my "want to" list and you're making it really hard to wait :)

  2. thank you-I would highly recommend her class.well worth the money.

  3. OMG, Miriam! This piece is gorgeous! What a fabulous tribute to spring, to new life, and to embracing your true identity as an artist!:-) I'm inspired to try something new, and let go of all my inhibitions!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave an uplifting message. I am doing my best to be fearless as I tackle this career change; your confidence in me has inspired the same in myself!:-)

  4. Yes indeed you are an artist! This painting is amazing! Wish I could take Flora Bowley's class! But I'm way over here in the Philippines! I did the next best thing- I ordered her book from Amazon! Patsy from


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