Monday, November 21, 2011

little things

I have a dear friends birthday this week and wanted to do a mini something for her. I love the diorama's you can pick up at your local Ben Franklin's and make whatever you want with it. I used bits of paper, beads, chalk stamps for aging, old trim, stamps and flexible wire mesh for shaping the nest. I love trees and bird nests! When I was a child I found a nest and kept it for quite a while and made one myself. It seems to me that those fond memories you have of your childhood are great ideas for now. I live by the Rocky Mountains with a stunning view of the mountains and mini scrub oak trees. The leaves are not all off but snow is everywhere!
I want to give thanks for the beautiful place I live, good friends and family nearby and having food on my table each day. It is so easy not to be grateful until it is taken away. I have had a blessed life and want to share what I can. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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